Tips For Industrial Blasting

industrial blasting

As we see that how technology has changed the way we work and the lives we live, it has also certainly changed on how the things we use to get our work done in an easy manner. With that said no matter what type of object you possess whether it is made of metal, steel, brick or concrete, anything that is etched on it will come of very smoothly in a satisfying way by the use of industrial blasting.


Industrial blasting is nothing new but it is the most common practice that has been in use for many years and it is still the most popular way to remove any thing that is stuck on the said object however there are few things to consider when you choose industrial blasting.


Now there are many ways to do industrial blasting but let us talk about few consideration that can help you out.


  1. Many newbies will have a difficult time in understanding the process of industrial blasting however, if you do believe that you need to get some blasting done well the first thing would be to check upon the surface.

If you think that surface is not able to bare the pressure of blasting well we would advise that use of walnut shell would be a good choice especially if you think about blasting wood.


  1. When industrial blasting is carried out one would love to get a smooth finish which is also bright and well glass beads is the way to go. They are reusable for up to hundred times so cost cutting in this manner is also done. Glass beads are made of soda lime so it makes work easy to smoothen the surface.


  1. If you believe that you have something that needs to be removed maybe something like an old paint from a rusted surface well we would advise that using aluminium oxide would be the best bet as it is rather powerful and sharper.


  1. If you are working on any automotive application such as fiberglass well plastic is what you need to get the job done. With plastic you have the advantage of having low dust molecules spreading. This is to be done for medium level work.


  1. If you need to work faster and want to get the work done smoothly well then why not use silicon carbide. This material is very aggressive and it is to be used carefully as it can clean up concrete or stone made objects like the walls of your house.


You see there are still many things to consider when you think about industrial blasting and well the mentioned factors are just the tip of an iceberg however, if you wish to choose industrial blasting well then just visit us at